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Swiss Cut Heavy Duty Coping Saw Frame

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Brand Swiss Cut
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This Swiss Cut heavy duty coping saw frame is a nicely made professional tool, you don't need to have one in your hand for long to understand just how bad the cheap ones are.

The coping saw gets its name from the coped or scribed joint, where the profile of one moulding is cut into the end of another so that they butt together without gaps. Coping remains the most commonly used method for fitting skirting boards, architraves and other second fix joinery tasks as it produces a more professional finish than a mitre joint. Coping saws are also useful in the workshop for chunkier pierced work and cutting curved profiles, the blade can be rotated if necessary to cut in any direction up to 120mm inboard from an edge. Tension is applied by twisting the handle and adjusted by a nut at the front, unlike the more delicate jewellers saw it is best to set the tension at the front end of the coping saw first.

The Swiss Cut coping saw accepts standard 165mm (6.5 inch) coping blades, which should always be installed so that they cut on the pull stroke.

This coping saw is supplied with one 15tpi blade.

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Reviews 2

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Swiss Cut Heavy Duty Coping Saw Frame