Steel Y-Lever

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When installing a 3mm thick iron into a plane designed to take a 2mm thick one, the original Y-Lever sometimes isn't long enough to reach through and engage the cap iron.

The tab on this Y-lever casting is larger and the through hole smaller than the replacement Record and Clifton ones that we sell. It can therefore be filed and drilled to fit the majority of planes perfectly.

Many manufacturers intentionally use weak materials for the Y-Lever so that it will fail first if the plane is adjusted with the lever cap set too tight.

This Y-Lever casting is made from unhardened steel so it is a little more robust. Naturally this places greater onus on the user not to over-tighten the lever cap.

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    Quality product but not for Stanley #4

    Posted by ismail on 10th Apr 2019

    I purchased this y-lever because I wanted to fit a Quangsheng blade and a cap iron to my Stanley #4. I think this is not the right product for the job. I would suggest buying GUNMETAL FILE-TO-FIT HANDPLANE Y-LEVER to anyone who is searching for a y-lever to fit their Stanley-Bailey #4, because I had to drill a new hole near the existing pin hole and modify this very much which took some time with a dremel. This is not a very soft steel and has a very nice quality to it, but it also makes drilling and shaping much harder. If you plan to fit a new Quangsheng blade and cap iron to your Stanley #4 (which I recommend for better smoothing experience) do not go with this one. Buy one without a pin hole and easier to shape. All in all, thank you workshop heaven for supplying high quality tools for reasonable prices.

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    not perfect

    Posted by Richard on 4th Dec 2018

    This was an attempt to improve the backlash my 50 year old bailey No 4. I love the plane and use it a lot. The hole for the pin needed to be drilled out to 1/8", the lobes are smaller than the slot in the wheel so there is slop, and the lobe part of the lever was too long and pushed the lobe half out of the groove. I forged the lobes fatter, filed and drilled and it fitted with very little backlash. Close to using my Lie Nielsen. I might try the type designed for fettling. Or work out how to turn a new wheel. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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    Essential for upgrading Stanleys

    Posted by Mike H on 2nd May 2015

    I have upgraded to QS blades and chipbreakers on 3 Stanley Bailey planes (4, 5 and 7) and in all cases this replacement lever was needed. The number 5 could just about function with its existing lever but would not as the blade wore down. Great value, simple to replace, just not exciting!

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    A neccesary upgrade

    Posted by David F on 8th Jan 2015

    If you purchase the QS iron and cap iron for your Stanley you will definately need one of these. You will have to grind/file the ends to allow it to fit snuggly into the cap iron. If done carefully it will allow you to reduce some of the backlash on the adjuster. It's a two minute job to replace.

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    Must have for upgrade

    Posted by Mike Watkins on 4th Sep 2014

    Does exactly what it says on the tin! Essential if putting thicker blade in an old Stanley or Record.