Starrett 799A-6/150 Digital Caliper 150mm

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Made in the United States, Starrett 799A-6/150 digital calipers are consistent, accurate and reliable.

The buttons are made from hard plastic and click when you press them.

When you slide the caliper to a new measurement it responds instantly.

The calipers can be set to zero at any position.

The display shuts down after five minutes of non-use. If you then press the on button your reading re-appears, even if you had zeroed it at a different setting.

Made from precision ground, hardened, stainless steel.

Capacity 0-6 inch / 150mm

Display resolution 0.0005 inch / 0.01mm (half thou inches / hundredths of mm)

Measuring accuracy Inches +/- 0.001 inch at up to 4 inch, +/- 0.0015 inch at 4 inch to 6 inch.

Measuring accuracy mm +/- 0.02 at up to 100mm, +/- 0.04 at 100 to 150mm

Please note: Accuracy and resolution are very different things, this can easily lead to misunderstandings.

The 'resolution' or 'display accuracy' describes the liquid crystal display and tells you nothing about the measuring accuracy of the tool itself. Measuring accuracy should always be stated separately.

The lithium CR 2032 1.5V battery is supplied packaged separately for you to install, so your new caliper has a full charge and you don't need to immediately go and buy a battery for it.

Supplied in a fitted, foam lined plastic case.