Star-M Japanese F-Type Bit - Singles

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Designed specifically for use in cordless drills, F-Type non self-feeding auger bits reduce load on motors and bearings and extend battery life.

Types are available in a practical range of full and half mm sizes including 19mm (ideal for drilling dog holes in benches).

The innovative conical tip allows them to be used to ream out smaller diameter holes to a larger diameter and chase together holes drilled from opposite faces. The tip design also helps to reduce breakout on the exit side as the material is progressively sheared outwards from the centre.

They are short enough to fit between joists when mounted in a drill, but can also be used with an extension for drilling deeper holes. F Types are also fantastic for use in a drill press.

Drill Diameter Shank Diameter Overall Length Cutting Length   Drill Diameter Shank Diameter Overall Length Cutting Length
6mm 6.35mm 85mm 40mm   15mm 6.35mm 115mm 50mm
7mm 6.35mm 85mm 40mm   16mm 6.35mm 115mm 50mm
8mm 6.35mm 85mm 44mm   18mm 6.35mm 115mm 50mm
8.5mm 6.35mm 95mm 45mm   19mm 6.35mm 115mm 50mm
9mm 6.35mm 95mm 45mm   20mm 6.35mm 125mm 60mm
10mm 6.35mm 95mm 45mm   21mm 6.35mm 125mm 60mm
10.5mm 6.35mm 95mm 45mm   22mm 6.35mm 125mm 60mm
11mm 6.35mm 95mm 45mm   24mm 6.35mm 125mm 60mm
12mm 6.35mm 95mm 45mm   27mm 9mm 125mm 60mm
13mm 6.35mm 115mm 50mm   30mm 9mm 125mm 60mm