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Shogun brand saws are made in Miki city in Japan's Hogyo prefecture, famous as a blacksmithing and metalworking centre since the 15th century. We have been particularly impressed with how crisply and efficiently they cut, and how easy it is to saw accurately to a line. The teeth of Shogun saws are the key to their performance, deeply case hardened to RC68 on the outside but still tough on the inside, giving long lasting sharpness but also the strength to work in European hardwoods.
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  1. Shogun 265mm Universal Folding Kataba

    A solid, well engineered Japanese folding pullsaw, ideal for the toolbox, backpack, car etc. If you are not sure what you will end up needing to cut, this go anywhere do anything saw is a pretty safe bet. Rip cuts, cross cuts, slant cuts, green wood, dry wood, sheet material... The potent 16tpi blade is the same as the Shogun Universal Kataba. Not a fine finish saw, but if you just want something in two pieces, quickly and accurately - it...
  2. Shogun 265mm Universal Kataba

    The kataba is a backless style of Japanese saw designed for deep cuts - large sections, sheet materials etc. The Shogun is fast, even by Japanese pullsaw standards, with an aggressive 1.5mm set and periodic pairs of rip teeth that act as rakers in green or oily timbers. The resulting efficient waste clearance makes it easy to keep on track - even when ripping down 8 x 4 sheets. Rip cuts, cross cuts, slant cuts, green wood, dry wood, sheet ...
  3. Out of Stock

    Shogun Replacement Blade for 265mm Crosscut Kataba

    Replacement blade for the Shogun 265mm Crosscut Kataba, compatible with universal kataba and folding kataba.
    • Blade length: 265mm
    • Blade thickness (plate): 0.6mm (kerf): 0.9mm
    • 16tpi
    • Maximum practical cutting depth: unlimited
  4. Shogun 250mm Precision Dozuki (Deep Blade)

    The dozuki is the Japanese equivalent of a backsaw, the supporting spine and pullsaw action allow the use of a really thin sawplate, in the case of this Shogun precision dozuki, just one quarter of a mm. With the thin blade and minimal set (less than a tenth of a mm) the saw kerf produced is exceptionally fine, so there is less material to remove, and for very little effort you get an extremely accurate, exceptionally smooth, dead straight cut...
  5. Shogun 170mm Kugihiki Flush Cut Trim Saw


    Fully 40 cm long overall, but weighing about the same as two weetabix, this elegant and beautifully balanced flush cutting saw from Shogun is a true precision tool for gently trimming plugs, through tenons and wedges flush with the surrounding surface.

    The handle is made from paulownia wood with a short natural rattan ferrule, the flexible blade is taper ground out of 0.5mm plate with 20 razor sharp unset teeth per inch.

  6. Shogun 150mm Flush Cutting Saw

    Flush cutting saws have very flexible blades and no set on the teeth. They are used to trim plugs and dowels flush without damaging the surrounding surface. The Shogun flush cutting saw has a non-replaceable blade, but in normal use the triple ground teeth will maintain their bite for years....
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