Founded in the German toolmaking capital Remschieid in 1865, precision drill tooling manufacturer FAMAG have been making high quality drill bits for over 175 years. Many of the products have unique patented characteristics and all are produced to the highest standards. FAMAG also manufacture the machinery for making drill bits, so they tend to be first to market with the latest advances in drill bit technology. If we haven't got the item you require in stock we can usually get them ordered in for you.
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  1. FAMAG 1639 Extension shanks

    From £26.70

    This FAMAG extension shank accepts all 10mm shank FAMAG drill bits including FAMAG Bormax Forstners 22mm and up. 2.5mm Allen key required, not supplied....
  2. FAMAG 1622 Bormax Forstner - Singles

    From £23.50

    FAMAG 1622 Bormax Forstner bits have been designed specifically for powered use. The outer perimeter is relieved allowing the heat generated at the cutting edge to dissipate. FAMAG 1622 Forstner bits can be used freehand or in a drill press, the larger ones at up to 750rpm, the smaller ones at up to 2500rpm. The Bormax design works so well that they are cool enough to hold within a few seconds of being withdrawn from the hole, the cutting edg...
  3. FAMAG 1410 Lewis Pattern Auger Bits - Singles

    From £13.35

    These self-feeding Lewis pattern auger bits from FAMAG are absolutely superb quality, with a special low friction coating in the spiral to ensure an unimpeded flow of chips away from the working face. Perfect for boring deep accurate holes in softwoods, you do need to use a fairly meaty corded drill with these bits....
  4. FAMAG 1775 Machine Countersink - Singles

    From £16.75

    FAMAG 1775 machine countersink is a traditional machine countersink manufactured on modern CNC machines with modified geometry to produce a countersink that does not chatter in softwood or hardwood. Ground from solid alloyed tool steel, with good chip removal. A fully ground countersink which produces ideal results in softwood, veneered and laminated panels and plastic....
  5. FAMAG 1594.835 5pc HSS-G Lip & Spur Set


    Fully ground HSS is fairly common in premium quality metalworking drills, although most manufacturers deem it unnecessary over specification in woodwork tooling. FAMAG disagree, they believe that using over specified materials and manufacturing methods results in a tool that will deliver superior performance, durability and results. It took me one hole with the FAMAG 1594 series drill to work out who was right.

    Usually the spiral...

  6. FAMAG 1616 Plug Cutters- Singles

    From £65.80

    When both hole and plug are cut with FAMAG tooling made to 1/100th of a millimetre accuracy the result is a perfectly (almost invisibly if you match the grain up) plugged hole. For best results use the FAMAG 1616 plug cutter to cut the plugs as close as possible to an edge of the timber with the outside of the cutter protruding from the blank, this allows the swarf to clear with each rotation....
  7. FAMAG 1594 HSS-G Round-Shank Lip & Spur Drill Bits (Wood) - Singles

    From £6.15

    Our best selling range of FAMAG woodworking drills. The FAMAG 1594 series of lip & spur drill bits are made from HSS, so they can be used in all woods and wood laminates. The flutes are steeply pitched and fully ground to assist the free flow of chips away from the cutting edge to eliminate clogging and burning. The flutes are also relief ground on the back edge providing approximately 50% more space for chip clearance than a conventional lip...
  8. FAMAG 1599 Extra Long HSS-G Lip & Spur Drill Bit - Singles

    From £33.45

    Given the enormous popularity of the FAMAG 1594 series (fully ground HSS, relieved flutes, steep pitch etc) FAMAG took the next logical step and made them longer. The result is the awesome FAMAG 1599 series, which will still go to full depth in a single pass in the vast majority of situations.

    The 1599.200 range have an overall length of 250mm and cutting length of 200mm.

    Longer drill bits are available on request.

  9. FAMAG 2108.507 Depth Collar 7pc Set

    Simply slide over the drill bit and tighten down at the required depth. This 7-piece set is supplied in a plastic tube and contains 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm collars....
  10. FAMAG 1775.010 10mm Machine Countersink

    Because of the specially designed pitch of this countersink, there is no chattering in softwood. Countersink with seven edges and point angle, irregular pitch and parallel shank. Fully CNC ground tool head. Made from alloyed tool steel. Shaft diameter 8mm Overall length 90mm Cutting length 60mm...
  11. FAMAG 3540.020 90 degree 3-Flute Countersink Bit 20mm


    Made of HSS steel for countersinking and deburring in metals without chattering, it works well with hardwood too

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