Shogun Universal Folding Kataba 265mm

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A solid, well engineered Japanese folding pullsaw, ideal for the toolbox, backpack, car etc.

If you are not sure what you will end up needing to cut, this go anywhere do anything saw is a pretty safe bet. Rip cuts, cross cuts, slant cuts, green wood, dry wood, sheet material...

The potent 16tpi blade is the same as the Shogun Universal Kataba. Not a fine finish saw, but if you just want something in two pieces, quickly and accurately - it's a great choice.

The grippy elastomer coated handle locks in the straight position and can also be extended by another 15 degrees if you need better access or to keep your fingers out of the way.

  • Blade length: 265mm
  • Blade thickness (plate): 0.6mm (kerf):0.9mm
  • Replaceable blade
  • 16tpi
  • Overall length: 640mm
  • Folded length: 350mm
  • Maximum practical cutting depth: unlimited
  • Handle: Moulded elastomer and steel