Shogun 240mm Quick Release Kigokoro Ryoba with FREE blade

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1 x Shogun Replacement Blade for Quick Release 240mm Kigokoro Ryoba   +£0.00
1 x Shogun 240mm Quick Release Kigokoro Ryoba   +£0.00

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Shogun 240mm Quick Release Kigokoro Ryoba with FREE blade


If I could only have one saw in the workshop it would be a hard blade Japanese Ryoba, more specifically, this hard blade Japanese Ryoba.

Why? Because of the staggeringly enormous range of cuts you can make with it. It might not be my first choice for dovetailing, but it will still do a very respectable job. It will resaw small boards with considerable precision, form tenons, cut the waney edge off a board, dimension sheet material....!

The Shogun Kigokoro Hard Ryoba has a 0.5mm thick, electroless nickel plated blade made from hardened SK-4 carbon steel. It has aggressive 7tpi rip teeth on one side and smooth cutting 18tpi crosscut teeth on the other. The blade is partially hardened, so while still flexible it is easier to control and less likely to kink. 

This new version has a quick blade release mechanism for easy blade replacement

Comes with Free spare blade worth £20.50

  • Blade length: 240mm
  • Blade thickness (plate): 0.5mm Kerf:0.8mm
  • Blade width: 65 to 84mm
  • 7/18 tpi
  • Overall length: 560mm
  • Replaceable blade
  • Handle: Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood

(The old version replacement blade will not fit this new model.)

Top Tip: When starting a rip cut, use the easier starting crosscut side to establish the kerf, then flip the saw and carry on with the more aggressive rip teeth.

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