Shinwa Tape Measure Right Gear 5.5m x 19mm

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Big clear numbers, metric only, with a vertical scale on the rear of the tape for when you bend it up to measure things higher than you can reach, the Shinwa 'Right Gear' tape measure is surely a strong contender for being the best metric tape measure available.

A sturdy well made unit, it has been designed with care by people who have studied how tape measures are actually used. Accurate to well under a mm, yet readable from the other side of the room, the 19mm wide version has a narrower more flexible blade making it slightly easier to use when transferring marks, nonetheless it still has an impressive unsupported standout of 1.7m. The powerful lock takes a fair bit of thumb pressure to engage but once set it's not going anywhere.

Thanks to the fact that just about every Japanese builder, chippie, scaffolder, sparkie and plumber has one on his belt and a spare in the van, they are produced in vast numbers and are therefore not hugely expensive.

  • JIS Grade 1
  • Metric
  • Shock proof ABS elastomer resin case
  • Convenient large hook hanger to attach to safety cord
  • Belt clip
  • 455mm pitch indication
  • Carbon tool steel core, baked finish,
  • Nylon coating - durable - anti-friction - anti scratch
  • Zero point auto-correct hook
  • Double-sided graduations - metric graduations are vertical graduations on reverse
  • Auto tape retraction
  • Tape width: 19mm
  • Tape length: 5.5m