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Shinwa Stainless Pickup Rule Hard Chrome Finish 30cm close up

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Shinwa Stainless Pickup Rule Hard Chrome Finish 300mm


The first time you run a pencil along the precision ground and polished edge of a Shinwa rule and feel how effortlessly smooth it is to use, you'll understand exactly why they are so popular.

Stainless steel rules are Shinwa's signature product and their meticulous attention to quality is evident in every detail. The markings for example, are not only etched in to give them depth but also black chrome plated, so they have the same low-glare corrosion resistant properties as the rest of the rule's surface. The pickup rules have an upturned end that makes them easy to get your fingers underneath when picking them up from a flat surface.

Shinwa stainless steel machine rules are manufactured to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) B7516 grade 1 which governs material specification and heat treatment as well as accuracy, they are regularly inspected by assessors from an independent quality assurance company approved by the Japanese government.

Customer Reviews

Written by: Tiny Workshop
Thumbs up
High quality build and finish, the markings and numbers are etched/engraved so there is no risk of losing them in case the paint fades away in the future, don't be surprised if you noticed smudges the first time you pull it out of its packaging, it comes with a very very thin layer of some sort of protective oil.

Lastly, the bend at the hanging end of the ruler makes it easy to pick it up, it's awesome!
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