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Shinwa Sliding Bevel SB-10 10"

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Shinwa Sliding Bevel SB-10 10"

The aluminium bodied Shinwa sliding bevel locks rock solid by gently nipping up the end mounted screw.

You don't need to do it up tight, just a quarter turn beyond the first pressure is sufficient to lock the blade firmly enough that it takes considerable effort to move and will hold it's setting even if inadvertantly knocked from the bench to the floor.

Unlike wooden bodied bevels, the aluminium body is not affected by changes in humidity or warping.

10" / 250mm

Customer Reviews

Written by: Colin
A better mouse trap.
I've been using one of these for a few years and like it a lot.
The locking mechanism at first appears a little flimsy, but fear not! It is very secure, locks with a light turn, and does not stick out on one side like traditional sliding bevels.
More useful to me - "a better mouse trap"
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