Shinwa Pocket Microscope 60x-100x with LED Light

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Sometimes it's really useful to get a really close look at a surface; comparing the scratch patterns left by different sharpening stones, or perhaps encouraging youngsters to explore a fascination with nature?

This simple but effective pocket sized microscope from Japanese metrology specialists Shinwa (the people who make those really nice squares and rules) is adjustable to give 60x to 100x magnification, as handy as a Jewellers loupe but more powerful.

The top knob adjusts the zoom, the bottom one adjusts the focus. It has a built in LED light source, and a large enough viewing aperture that with a bit of careful balancing you can just get a photo with a phone camera. The round image was taken in this way - a closeup of the Shinwa penguin's eye on a 700A taper gauge.

Sturdy ABS body

Supplied with protective neoprene slip case.

Polycarbonate light box allows external light sources to be used as well.

Uses LR1130 batteries.