Shinto Saw Rasp 9"


A unique rasp from Japan, the structure is a solidly made latticework of what can only described as hacksaw like blades that are welded and pinned to form a very rigid network of cutting blades.

The added benefit of the lattice is that it allows any residue to fall away from your work through the gaps, so is virtually uncloggable.

With a coarse and a fine side, you get two for the price one. Give a little pressure with the coarse side to quickly remove a lot of wood or a delicate touch with the fine side to leave a finish that needs a bit of a sand to finish.

It is a tool for wood, polystyrene and our local farriers swear by them for filing horses hooves.

This latest version is fitted with a ridged tpe handle, which gives a very comfortable grip and hand feel.

Mind your fingers when using - it is very sharp.

  • Coarse: 10tpi
  • Fine: 25tpi
  • Blade length : 225mm (9")
  • Blade width: 28mm
  • Blade depth: 12mm