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Schtickle Quangsheng 2 inch Cap Iron

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Schtickle Quangsheng 2 inch Cap Iron


Dropped on corner, needs filing out, supplied with screw. These things make a phenomenal difference to the performance of Stanley and Record type planes,.
There were a handful of non-standard Stanleys made in the 1930’s with the lever cap screw ¼” lower down, this frustrating idea has unfortunately now been copied by the makers of the new Record / Faithful etc (all the ones with a screw in the lever cap). Apart from those few exceptions everything else is standard dimensions. Usually £18.50

2in (50mm) Quangsheng Cap Iron (chipbreaker) to fit No.4 and No.5 bench planes. Supplied complete with cap iron screw to acommodate blades up to 3mm thick.

When trying to improve the performance of bench planes, the chipbreaker is usually the best place to start. This thick, low profile cap iron greatly improves stiffness and reduces vibration compared with the traditional pressed steel design.

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.

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