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Quangsheng Block Plane Blade 38 deg Type 2

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Schtickle Block Plane Blade 38 deg



Fits the following:

  • Stanley No.60
  • Stanley 60-1/2 (not the modern one with the D shaped slot and 3 holes)
  • Stanley 61
  • Stanley 103
  • Record 0230
  • Quangsheng V2 block planes

3mm thick T10 block plane iron hardened to RC60-63 compatible with Type 2 block planes.

Supplied with a bevel angle of 38 degrees, this cutting iron takes the effective pitch of the low angle block plane to 45 degrees, less likely to produce tearout when using the plane along the grain.

In the standard angle block plane it takes the pitch to 62 degrees - just over cabinet pitch, this is used for planing harder timbers. Care should be taken to ensure that the plane is set to take a very light cut and the workpiece is cleanly and accurately sawn.

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