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Schtickle Star-M Drill Depth Stopper 27mm

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Schtickle Star-M Drill Depth Stopper 27mm


Discontinued - brand new, unused

Made in Japan, these Star-M Drill Depth Stoppers have a clever construction for drilling consistently to the correct, pre-determined depth,  while avoiding damage to your working surface in the process.

This solidly engineered and handsome Star-M drill stop has a central metal alloy shank surrounded by a separate outer body made of brightly coloured Duracon® - a copolymer used in mechanical components such as gears and bearings with exceptional, friction and wear properties.

Accurate drill depth is achieved by measuring from the flat base of the coloured plastic outer body to the cutting edge of the drill bit before carefully securing it in place using the supplied hex key.

The whole thing rotates with the bit until contact is made with the working surface when the outer body stops, letting you know the correct depth has been reached with the added benefit of knowing that you won’t have marked your work in the process.

An additional feature are two opposed openings in the outer body,  which allow the drilled-out waste to escape, leaving a clean void.

Available in 19 different sizes.

Star-M Depth stop dimensionsStar-M Depth Stop dimension details

 Care should be taken handling sharp drill-bits when setting the depth within the stopper.

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