Robert Sorby Sheaf River Butt Chisels Set of 5

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Part of Robert Sorby's Sheaf River range - these Butt chisels have the traditional bolster, ferrule and short blades much loved and ever popular in North America.

The shorter blade makes for easier access in difficult places and for manipulating cuts in those tight spaces. Fine grade forged high carbon steel blades can be sharpened and honed to maintain a tough edge, down to half a micron.

The blades are 100% hardness tested and factory finished ready to use with a 25° main bevel, and 30° fine honed bevel - perfect for hard woods.

The easy grip handles are made from sustainable American Ash, a timber known for vibration and shock absorption properties, provide perfect control in use and sit very comfortably in the palm of the hand.

Robert Sorby's Sheaf River range incorporates all the hallmarks of over 200 years of tradition in Sheffield manufacturing using experienced, skilled artisans.

Set incudes:

  • 25mm 1"
  • 19mm ¾"
  • 12mm ½"
  • 10mm ⅜"
  • 6mm ¼"

We recommend applying oil, (such as Camellia Oil) to the blade when not in use to keep the blades in perfect condition.