Richard Kell No.2 Honing Guide with Large Rollers

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Wider than the Richard Kell No.1 honing guide on narrower blades, the capacity of the Richard Kell No.2 to accept blades up to a width of 2⅝ inch has made it a bestseller. A pair of grippy radius polycarbonate washers grip the blade from the sides whilst the back of the blade registers against a pair of stainless steel rods. This unique arrangement uses the correct face of the tool as the datum for the bevel angle and allows tapered blades such as those found on Japanese chisels to be honed accurately.

The UHMWPE rollers are selected for annular thickness to better than half a thou.

All of Richard Kell's honing guides come with a copy of his wonderfully clear set of handwritten instructions, complete with neatly drawn diagrams, that leave you in no doubt that your honing guide was made by a man for whom precision is as essential as breathing.

Capacity: 0 to 2⅝" width.

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    Premium product

    Posted by Adrian on 7th May 2023

    I debated buying this for quite a while. I don't really do much if any sharpening so this seemed an expensive luxury item. I considered spending my money on other things. How wrong I would have been. The quality of this item is exceptional. In fact it screams precision quality. The ease of use for a total novice is difficult to overstate. A truly remarkable item worth every penny and more. If you are debating buying this... don't. Just buy it. You will not regret it and will look for excuses to use it. A true joy to own.

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    A work of art

    Posted by Tiny Workshop on 14th Nov 2020

    I must say, as a beginner, it surprised me how easy and accurate it is, I tested it with a chisel that I previously botched/ruined while trying to hand sharpen it (I thought I was Paul Sellers) and it helped me restore it to its former glory with ease! The cost is worth it considering the fact that this is a one man shop/operation and the quality and low tolerances of the build. Overall, highly recommended.

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    It's very high quality and can fit any blade I own.

    Posted by Gintaras on 13th Jul 2015

    The best Honing Guide ?I have used, It's very high quality and can fit any blade I own.

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    Beautifully Made

    Posted by Tim on 9th May 2014

    Beautifully made and has made sharpening as a beginner very easy and accurate.