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Gyokucho TS129 Ultra Thin Precision Dozuki

Brand Gyokucho
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  1. Absolutely wonderful
    I have just bought this saw after using one when when I was staying with a model maker friend who lives in Kyoto. We used it to cut some Kumiko sticks from Hinoki. The very thin blade of this saw might give the impression of perhaps only being suitable for soft woods but it will comfortably cope with medium hardwoods. It delivers such a fine cut that only a light pass with either a scraper or very fine sandpaper will leave a cut face that is ready for finishing. It readily slices through Cherry, Yew, Plum and Pear and should cope with most of the English fruit and hardwoods we have available here.

    If you want a treat, get a block of wood and slice through it with this Gyokucho Dozuki. It really is astonishing and it's like cutting through a meringue with a sharp table knife. I think I might be developing a 'sharp saw vs wood' fetish. For what little money this saw costs it has given me such an enormous amount of pleasure in cutting Lime, Cherry, Yew, Douglas Fir far more accurately than my modest woodwork skills should allow.

    I'm just very grateful that Workshop Heaven have made this brilliant saw available in the UK.

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Gyokucho TS129 Ultra Thin Precision Dozuki

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