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Starrett Try Square K53M-250-S

SKU 220292
Brand Starrett
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  1. Inexpensive; good after corecting
    Starrett for ten quids!? Well, made in China and given a Starrett badge. Not, then, up to true Starrett quality but can be made very good nevertheless. It was out of square, internally and externally, by a smidge. Happily the aluminium stock is easy to correct with microgrit paper on glass, with the fine machining marks left on the stock a handy guide to how much (only a smidgen!) has been rubbed off in the appropriate places to make it truly square. The mitred sections were spot-on, I'm relieved to say.

    The edges of the stock are slightly rough-machined too - although flat and true. They can be polished up a bit as well, with the microgrit papers, making the instrument look more like a true Starrett. The scales are accurate, as measured against three other rules in the shed. The figures seem resilient, being black ink within finely etched lines.

    The whole thing is very light and so handy for quick checks of sawn or planed stock. It is good enough (once fettled, as above) for marking out too, though. I like the handy ability to use it as both a square and a mitre. Nor will it give me a purple and yellow foot-bruise if I drop it, as I recently dropped a very heavy-duty engineer's square of similar dimensions. :-)

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Starrett Try Square K53M-250-S

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