Quangsheng Package Deal - FREE 102 Bronze Apron Plane

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1 x Quangsheng Luban No. 22 Bronze Infill Mitre Plane   +£0.00
1 x Quangsheng Luban No. 102 Bronze Apron Plane   +£0.00

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Quangsheng Package Deal : Luban No. 22 Bronze Mitre Plane with FREE No.102 Bronze Apron Plane worth £59.50


Quangsheng Package Deal: Luban No. 22 Bronze Infill Mitre Plane and FREE No.102 Bronze Apron Plane

Mitre Plane

Designed for accurate trimming, particularly on endgrain, the mitre plane is one of the oldest types of handplane. Often used in conjunction with a shooting board, the high sides of the mitre plane provide excellent registration, mitre planes have an incredibly tight mouth to keep the plane correctly engaged as it reaches the end of the workpiece..

The Luban No.22 differs from 19th century infill mitre planes in that it has a movable frog with the iron fitted bevel down. This serves three purposes, it tidies up the rear of the plane making it easier to grip, eliminates the potentially fragile thin area behind the mouth and the design is better suited to mechanised production. The cutting geometry remains the same, and with a 3mm thick carbon steel cutting iron clamped to a rigid slab of bronze you have all the solidity you could ever wish for.

Mitre plane irons are ground square and set square, with such a fine mouth there is very little scope for lateral adjustment. Instead the accuracy is inherited from the sole or sides of the main casting. There is however, an adjuster for fine tuning the depth of cut.

A competent and well executed interpretation of the classic precision handplane.

  • Length: 11 1/4"
  • Width: 2"
  • Cutter width: 1 5/8"

FREE no.102 Bronze Apron Plane

Cast in bronze, this delightful little block plane is traditionally carried in the apron pocket, ready for immediate and frequent use.

Compact and easy to use with one hand, it has a 25 degree T10 bevel up blade bedded at 12 degrees. Like it's larger cousins it has a 'smoother than liquid chocolate' low ratio type 3 adjuster.

In the early stages of a piece, an apron plane might be used to make small adjustments to the ends of squared timber blanks, or to create chamfers on waste material before it is cut away, both to aid visibility and prevent breakout.

In the later stages it may be used to fine tune joinery or sliding components to achieve the desired fit; or to take tiny threads off sharp corners to strengthen them. In some cases it may even be needed after a piece is finished, to correct the odd squeak or binding drawer.


  • Body: Cast bronze (so it won't rust).
  • Weight 470g / 1lb.
  • Conforms to British Standard.
  • 3mm thick, 32mm wide cutting iron cutting iron made from T10 carbon steel hardened to RC60-63.
  • Sole dimensions 137mm x 35 - 40mm (coffin sided).

Notes on use:

To adjust the blade, loosen the cap wheel until it is just beginning to exert the lightest possible pressure on the blade. Position the blade laterally with finger and thumb and then, with the plane sole down on a piece of timber, advance the blade until it just makes contact with the surface. Wind the cap iron screw twice (about half a rotation) and take a test shaving and adjust if necessary. You don't need to apply all of the tension that the thumbwheel is capable of, it has the mechanical advantage of a screw thread and a 2:1 lever advantage, so two twists is plenty.

Price if purchased individually:  £254.50

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