Quangsheng No. 62 & Extra Blades Package Deal

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Package includes:

  • 62 Low Angle Jack Plane (including 25deg iron)
  • 38deg iron for 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
  • 50deg iron for 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

The Quangsheng No. 62 low angle jack is the Swiss army knife of hand planes, and an excellent choice for beginners looking for a straightforward, versatile, multi-function tool as their first premium bench plane.

It has an adjustable mouth that can be closed up for precision work or opened for heavier stock removal.

  • Precision ground, unbreakable CR40 alloy steel casting.
  • Low ratio Norris type combined lateral and depth of cut adjustment.
  • Brushed finish stainless steel lever cap.
  • Fitted with standard 25 degree iron
  • Hardwood handles.
  • Conforms to British Standard.
  • Sole Dimensions 14in x 2⁷⁄₁₆in (355mm x 62mm)
  • Blade Dimensions: 2in x 4½in (50mm x 114mm)

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