Quangsheng No. 1 Bailey Pattern Smoothing Plane

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Quangsheng No. 1 Bailey Pattern Smoothing Plane

Unlike its bigger brothers, and true to the Stanley original, the Quangsheng No.1 has a Bailey pattern frog and 'tap and try' lateral adjustment. All of the components are unique to this tool and are cast entirely in Bronze.

Ideal for young woodworkers with small hands the No.1 is likely to become a collectable of the future. We don't expect to sell vast numbers of them, but if we can do anything to help young woodworkers persevere with the craft then it will be well worth a little investment.


    • Precision ground, bronze casting.
    • Tap and try lateral adjustment.
    • Low profile cap iron.
    • Bronze lever cap.
    • Hardwood handles.
    • Conforms to British Standard.
    • Sole dimensions: 150mm x 40mm.
    • Blade: 3mm thick 1-1/5inch (30mm) made from T10 carbon steel hardened to RC63.

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.

Customer Reviews

Written by: Sie
useable yep, but practicle-HMM?
this is a beautiffully made little handplane I`d wanted for a while, so, with some overtime money burning a hole- I treated myself to one of these, in use, the chip breaker is ground at a similar straight angle to the blade & I`m wondering if that`s why is `chokes` on shavings so often? I may try rounding it over like a `normal` chip breaker to see if that helps. I mirror polished mine, it looks stunning, it`s a little small for sure but I really only use it as a roundover plane with a 2" `smoother` for `real` work sat in my bag at all times, I also have the Quangsheng type3 block plane which is far more practical in use, but, I still love this little plane! would I recommend one, no hesitation, but it depends on what you intend to use it for, bear that in mind!
Written by: Sergio
A little gem! To look at and to use it, if you know what you are doing, a small, precise tool for capable hands and an intelligent mind. Yes, it needed some adjustments.
Written by: Momir
Actualy usefull not just beautifull
I use this instead high angle block for wood with difficult grain and with Back bevel of about 5 deg, it works great.
Written by: k tsang
GuangSheng no 1 plane
very nice handful little plane, same build quality of his big brother, blade and chip breaker same thickness of the big one. handle like a block plane, but the adjustment is more easier. beautiful plane
Written by: Alun Scourfield
Not practical
This plane is beautifully made but is for looking at ,not using.The cap iron and blade being the same thickness as in the larger planes means the mouth is too wide for the length of the sole.Hence getting thin shavings on a short piece is much more difficult than with an adjustable mouth block plane
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