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Quangsheng Chisel Plane

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Quangsheng Medium Chisel Plane


While chatting with a customer (a semi-retired master Thames boatbuilder no less) he mentioned that he had substantially modified his QS large chisel plane. I was intreagued, so he kindly offered to post it up so I could try it out, which we did, and the modified tool handles remarkably well.

The rear portion of the sole has been chopped off and carefully refinished to blend seamlessly with the rest of the tool, making it the shape and proportions of the small chisel plane, which he loved, but the size of the larger one.

In the hand it feels completely ungainly, but once the tool is resting on the workpiece, having all of the weight forward helps to positively register the sole and it’s as easy and comfortable to use as a block plane, it really is a night and day difference.

As a trial run he has made six of them, so we can see if anyone else agrees. If it ends up going further only time will tell.

  • Finished length 7-1/2”
  • Width 2-1/4”

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