Premium Italian Leather Strop and Chromium Oxide Paste

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This beautiful quality Italian leather paddle strop pairs perfectly with the chromium oxide paste to rejuvenate the edge on finely honed cutting tools.

The leather is carefully selected for smoothness and uniformity and supported on a solid beech base that can either be held by the handle, clamped in a vice or screwed down to a work surface.

100% pure chromium oxide mixed with a little oil to make the ultimate strop paste.

Rather than removing metal, stropping with chromium oxide smooths, polishes and refines the cutting edge; not unlike the effect water has on clay.

Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3 ) is a superfine, 0.3 micron, polycrystalline abrasive, it is the mineral that gives green polishing compound it's colour. Most polishing compositions also include other minerals, but for purists like straight razor users, only the best will do.

The most effective way we've found to apply the paste is to apply a very small amount (pea sized) with a butter knife in a very thin layer across the leather. We sometimes add a drop or two of mineral oil to slacken off the paste slightly to make sure you can get that layer nice and thin.

For most people this 50 gram tub will be a lifetime's supply.

  • Dimensions (leather surface): 75mm x 250mm
  • Single sided
  • Regular price of products if purchased separately: £41.50

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    Posted by Mathew on 30th Jun 2017

    A strop is a strop, but I bought this to save myself the hassle of making my own. I'm only just getting started with woodworking but I was unhappy with my sharpening finish. The moment my chisels are stropped, they cut beautifully and the shine is lovely. You only need the smallest amount of Oxide, so I can see why the description states it'd last a long time! Overall very happy and I think for the money, it's not a bad product. There are of course cheaper on the market, but this has a sort of quality feel to it. Service from Workshop Heaven top notch - will be coming back for more tools very soon indeed!