Premium Electro Coated Silicon Carbide Wet & Dry 240 grit

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This high quality, fully resin bonded, electro coated, wet and dry paper can be used with a lubricant (oil or water) for polishing metals or alternatively used dry for sanding and polishing composites, plastics or very hard timbers to a glass like finish.

The latex impregnated waterproof backing is highly flexible and can be literally folded in half and creased without causing delamination of the abrasive surface.

The green silicon carbide particles are very evenly sized and spaced. Almost as hard as diamond they display similar cutting characteristics. Perhaps surprisingly, SiC cuts hard materials much faster than soft ones (hence this product is no good for softwoods) and tends to work better with a lot of movement and very little pressure.

240 grit (58 micron)

Sheet size: 230mm x 280mm