Petrograd Spoon Knife Right Handed Type 1 - 27mm

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All profits from sale of remaining stocks will be donated to @decappeal to help people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

For more information visit their website here.

A lovely light narrow spoon carving hook knife forged from 9ХС, a modern high spec alloyed tool steel originally developed for industrial metalworking tooling. In spite of being expensive and tricky to work 9XC is proving popular with knifemakers due to its unusual combination of high elastic strength, edge taking, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The narrow blade, just 8mm from edge to spine, with a polished lens shaped outer face gives the carver a lot of freedom to manoeuvre.

The handle is turned from beautiful close-grained maple, shaped to match the line of your knuckles, with flats top and bottom that give the fingers a natural spanner like grip on the tool without exertion.

Hardened to 58-60HRC, beautifully polished and shaving sharp.

Made in Russia.