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Petrograd Hollowing Adze - Deep, outcannel N3

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SKU 614039
Brand Petrograd
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Hollowing adzes are used to create hemispherical or biconcave hollows, the bevel on the outside lets you hollow from front to back while the curvature governs the minimum radius you can work from side to side.

The tight radius of the N3 takes a deep narrow cut so it is the first tool for forming all hollows and the only one you need for small ones, on larger surfaces following up with a shallower hollowing adze will give a better finish. If you want to form a channel, like a gutter or trough, start with a bowl at either end and then use a gutter adze to link the two.

Hand forged at the Petrograd tool factory in St Petersburg, this adze is a beautiful example of its type. the carbon manganese spring steel is immensely tough and when compacted by forging can safely be taken up to RC58-60. The handle is made from straight grained maple (acer platanoides) one of the best timbers for handles because of its lightness, strength and excellent shock absobancy.

Supplied with a handmade welted and rivetted leather axe mask.

  • Weight 1.60Kg
  • Overall length 650mm
  • Head length mm
  • Cutting edge 75mm
  • Replacement Handle N8
  • Made in Russia



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You're reviewing: Petrograd Hollowing Adze - Deep, outcannel N3

Petrograd Hollowing Adze - Deep, outcannel N3

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