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Petrograd Heavy Carving Axe - Zvenigorod IX

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SKU 615090
Brand Petrograd
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The long curved cutting edge of the Zvenigorod IX is lovely for slicing and shaping cuts, the pointed tip allows it to turn through surprisingly tight curves.

The slightly radiused poll fits comfortably into the palm and there is ample clearance for the fingers under the head.

Supplied ambidextrous with a symmetrical double bevel with a very slight concave grind.

Some carvers choose to personalise the edge of their axe by bias grinding with a slightly wider bevel on the side that contacts the wood you want to keep, others feel that this diminishes the versatility of the tool, our recommendation is to try a symmetrical grind first and see how you get on..

Supplied with a handmade welted and rivetted leather axe mask

  • Weight 950g
  • Overall length 360mm
  • Head length mm
  • Cutting edge 120mm
  • Replacement Handle N5
  • Made in Russia



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You're reviewing: Petrograd Heavy Carving Axe - Zvenigorod IX

Petrograd Heavy Carving Axe - Zvenigorod IX

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