Petrograd Heavy Carpenter's Axe - Murom

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All profits from sale of remaining stocks will be donated to @decappeal to help people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

For more information visit their website here.

A pure chopping axe developed by Petrograd in conjunction with Dmitri Alexandrovich Sokolov of the Russian Union of Carpenters, with a heavily radiussed 40 degree scandi ground edge giving excellent engagement, the Murom bites deeply and throws big chips.

Although designed for site use making deep crossgrain cuts, it follows that this handsome 3 pounder also makes an absolute peach of a felling axe.

Supplied with a handmade welted and rivetted leather axe mask.

  • Weight 1.62Kg
  • Overall length 630mm
  • Head length mm
  • Cutting edge 120mm
  • Replacement Handle N8
  • Made in Russia