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 Petrograd Gutter Adze - Medium, incannel N2

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Petrograd Gutter Adze - Medium, incannel N2


Used for progressing long U shaped channels, like gutters or troughs, the gutter adze has its bevel ground on the inside. If you think of a hollowing or bowl adze as having the same cutting geometry as a carving gouge, this one would be a paring gouge. If you want to form a through channel, open at both ends this adze will do the whole job. If you want a closed end, form that first with a hollowing adze and then link up to it with the gutter adze. Gutter adzes are also preferred by sculptors for heavy stock removal from external surfaces. 

Hand forged at the Petrograd tool factory in St Petersburg, this adze is a beautiful example of its type. the carbon manganese spring steel is immensely tough and when compacted by forging can safely be taken up to RC58-60. The handle is made from straight grained maple (acer platanoides) one of the best timbers for handles because of its lightness, strength and excellent shock absobancy. 

Supplied with a handmade welted and rivetted leather axe mask.

  • Weight 1.30Kg
  • Overall length 500mm
  • Head length 220mm
  • Cutting edge 70mm
  • Replacement Handle

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