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Petrograd Carpenter's Slick Onega 80mm slick

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Petrograd Carpenter's Slick Onega 80mm


Slicks are big broad-bladed chisels that are leant on rather than being struck, they are common to timber framing and boatbuilding. A slick can be used from the shoulder or the hip for making the final tiny adjustments and slight undercuts that get you from 'almost there' to 'fits like a glove'. By employing your bodyweight to make the cut you don't need to use very much force, which along with the big registration surface on the back of the blade gives you lots of control.  For preference it is usually the accessible faces that get adjusted, but should circumstances dictate otherwise, the slightly angled blade provides ample clearance for working within deep sockets or inboard from an edge.

Onega slicks are fully hand forged from ШХ15 ball bearing steel (USA 52100, G52986, J19965; Germany 1.3505, 100Cr6, 102Cr6) which, as you would expect for a bearing steel, is incredibly cohesive, wear resistant, crush resistant, and takes a very high polish. Hardened to RC 55 - 58, which is just shy of being maxed out but that's plenty for a tool that needs to be easily sharpenable on site, the steel's inherent properties will take care of the rest for you - fabulous stuff!

Available in 60, 70, 80mm widths

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. Made in Russia.

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