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Petrograd Carpenter's Drawknife - N8 Half Round

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Petrograd Carpenter's Drawknife - N8 Russian Type 270mm


The Russian type drawknife has a curved edge, bevel down, with raised arms. 

There is historical evidence that this type of tool might also have been used for flat work, perpendicular to the grain direction in much the same way as we use a jack plane, to level across glued panels, doors, shields etc. With a little practice it is capable of producing a surface that is flat to within a mm or two with a beautifully facetted texture.

Technically a very broad shallow inshave it is also wonderful for working on shallow hollows - an excellent tool for chairmakers. For standard drawknife applications on convex surfaces you'll find a straight blade is more efficient.

Radius of curvature: 800mm


Russian Type

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