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Petrograd Bruzz Corner Chisel Yelnya 1" (25mm)

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Brand Petrograd
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Milled from a huge hand forged mood of WX15 (52100) ball bearing steel and beautifully precision ground on all four outside surfaces, the satisfyingly huge Yelnya corner chisel, or bruzz, is used for squaring the internal corners of large mortices after the bulk of the material has been removed with an auger. The bolster has been intentionally forged slightly smaller than the finished size of the blade giving a full 11-1/2" (290mm) working depth.

The handle is fitted with thick stainless steel hoops top and bottom, oiled to protect the wood while retaining the natural texture and feel of the ash and neatly installed with a thick washer of best bridle leather.

Overall length 21" (535mm)

Totally hand made at PETROGRAD factory of joinery and carpentry tools. 

Made in Russia.



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You're reviewing: Petrograd Bruzz Corner Chisel Yelnya 1" (25mm)

Petrograd Bruzz Corner Chisel Yelnya 1" (25mm)