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Petrograd Brass Chisel Mallet 500g

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Petrograd Brass Chisel Mallet 500g


When you are doing fine detailed carving work or intricate joinery, the need sometimes arises for something between a push cut and a mallet or hammer blow, especially where you need to cut up to a line but no further. Rather than using the palm of your hand, which can lead to problems later in life, a small mallet that nestles in the palm gives you more control and precision.

Designed by Dmitry Nikolaevich Pushin and beautifully made from highly polished L6 brass and fine grained Russian maple, this compact mallet is just the job for delivering those tiny very precise taps.

  • Head weight: 500 g +/- 30 g
  • Head dimensions: 38mm x 53mm
  • Total mass: 570 g
  • Made in Russia

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