Peacock Oil - Wick - Clear Figure 250ml

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Wick is a version of Peacock Oil reformulated to better meet the needs of commercial customers. The ingredients are the same, but the proportions and process have been tweaked to make it less viscose, faster drying and with higher build. In short, it is as close as a real handmade finishing oil can get to the speed of modern chemical finishes without compromising quality and standards.

Available in two shades, for pale and dark woods, Wick is fully compatible with original peacock oil, you can mix the liquids together or apply one over the other if you wish.

Apply four coats at 15 minute intervals, wipe off any excess then leave for 24 hours to harden before de-nibbing with fine abrasive or wire wool, further coats can be applied at 8 hour intervals (as opposed to 24). Each coat will build to a greater depth too, so as well as being three times as fast, you need fewer coats to reach the same result.

A natural oil finish is water repellent, yet breathable, repairable / maintainable, and penetrates deep into the surface, strengthening the fibres and allowing light to enter, refract and reflect - enhancing the natural figure of the wood.

Four coats applied at 15 minute intervals and left to cure before applying a hard wax polish gives the classic wax over oil finish often associated with arts and crafts furniture.

Peacock oil can be wet sanded, or used with pore fillers like rottenstone or pumice, to level the surface of porous timbers as a base to French polishing or building into a full deep gloss hand rubbed oil finish.

As with all penetrating finishes it is important to apply at least the first coat to the entire outer surface of the timber in order to avoid distortion, so don't forget the undersides of table tops and chair seats.

Handmade in Yorkshire