Okeya Ko-Deba Cooking Knife 105mm

Kitchen Knife
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Made by the Okeya family at the Fujiwara knife works in Miki City, this exceptionally good value range of traditional Japanese kitchen knives are an ideal introduction to the fascinating world of Japanese cutlery. The blades are made in the same way as Okeya Kogatana; laminated shirogami white paper No.2 high carbon steel with a soft iron backing.

They are all single bevelled with a flat or hollow ground back so they are easy to maintain. All the work is done on the back with the blade flat on the stone, one very light stroke on the bevel side to remove the burr and that's it.

The Japanese Deba knife is designed for preparing fish, the broad blade supports the flesh and the single bevel allows you to lift it cleanly from the bone. This Ko-Deba or 'little deba' is great for filleting smaller fish, it also makes an outstanding herb mincing knife, start with the tip on the board and just let the curved cutting edge roll through the cut.

Finished with a simple Japanese magnolia wood handle with black plastic ferrule.

The usual care instructions for Japanese knives apply:

  • Always use a wooden or bamboo chopping board.
  • Never sharpen a Japanese knife on a steel or pull through sharpener with steel disc, instead use a fine waterstone, ceramic stone or a strop.
  • Never use a Japanese knife to cut bones or frozen food
  • Japanese knives are designed to slice or mince food, they should never be used with a chopping action like a cleaver.
  • Carbon steel and iron, not corrosion resistant.
  • Not Dishwasher safe.
  • After use, wash and dry very carefully, and lightly coat the blade using a drop of cooking oil.