Narex 'Start' Spoon Carving Set

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Spoon carving is a lovely quiet self contained corner of the highly addictive craft of wood carving. You don't need many tools but as always its much easier if they are of good quality and nice and sharp. With a little bit of practice you will soon be able to produce a very acceptable spoon.

This set from Narex is designed for complete beginners, it comes with instructions and a roughed out blank of easy carving lime wood so you can get going straight away. Once you develop a feel for it you can progress to making spoons in slightly harder timbers like walnut or sycamore.

Set contains:

  • Hand forged and ground spoon carving chisel
  • Spoon making double-edge knife
  • Chip Carving knife
  • Lime wood blank - cut to rough spoon shape 220mm long x 50mm wide x 25mm deep
  • Instructions in English and Czech