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Narex - Boxed Set of 8 Profi Carving Chisels

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Brand Narex
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Light, delicate, and beautifully balanced, the profi range of CrMn carbon steel carving chisels are Narex's flagship carving tool range and a source of great pride for the craftsmen who make them.

Each tool is ground from the forged blank by hand, along with the unrivalled finesse and refinement that this brings you may also notice the lovely little irregularities that are the hallmark of handmade tools. All of the edges are nicely eased and with their classic 'barrel octagon' handles these tools feel wonderful in the hand. 

Supplied in a wooden box, the set of eight includes a broad No.7 for establishing shape, three spoon chisels in progressively narrower and deeper sizes, a V tool, a veiner, a medium bent gouge and a shallow finishing gouge. 

Ideal for those just getting into carving, be it flat relief work or sculpture in the round, this is an excellent selection that will cover your needs and give you enough of a grounding to understand which tools you may wish to add in future.

Set contains:

  • Straight      12mm - Profile 3
  • Bent           12mm - Profile 5
  • Spoon        12mm - Profile 7
  • Straight      16mm - Profile 7
  • Spoon          4mm - Profile 8
  • Spoon          4mm - Profile 9
  • Straight        4mm - Profile 11
  • Straight        8mm - Profile 41

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Narex - Boxed Set of 8 Profi Carving Chisels