Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisel Singles (natural)

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The 8116 series of Narex chisels are accurately ground, affordable, Cabinetmaker’s chisels with fine edges and close tolerance backs. We have found them to be the best value chisels accurate work but that doesn't mean that Narex chisels are cheap, it means you get a lot more chisel for your money.

Narex forge the chisel blades from Chrome Manganese (CrMn) spring steel and isothermally harden it to produce a very even and consistent bainitic structure at RC59 +/-1. In use, Chrome Manganese steel delivers similar performance to carbon steel but is more efficient to produce.

The sides of the chisel are around 1mm with negligible lengthwise taper, giving excellent sightlines and good clearance for dovetailing throughout the life of the blade.

The handles were developed from a shape that Narex last used on a range of chisels that they made in the 1930's. They are turned from dense European hornbeam and fitted with a split-proof, self-tightening, plated steel ferrule and we have the slightly smaller handles for the 26mm and narrower chisels fitted just for us to refine their balance and feel - it is a subtle difference, but it's enough to make them feel 'right' in the hand.

They will withstand taps from a mallet without the surface becoming marred and uncomfortable to use when paring. The hornbeam handles are lightly waxed to protect the timber whilst retaining its and natural colour and feel.

  Chisel Width

3 - 10mm

12 – 26mm




  Overall Length (approx.)






  Blade Length (approx..)






  Handle Length (approx.)






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  • 5
    excellent chisel for the price

    Posted by david harkness on 26th Jul 2022

    bought the 12mm and 18mm chisels. Chisel takes a good edge, it is light and feels good in the hand. The wax finish was not to my liking, so they have had a couple of coats of BLO. Been using these for three or four weeks, so far delighted with them, plan to get more.

  • 4
    Good for the price

    Posted by Mathew on 17th Jul 2017

    I'm new to woodworking and so I wanted something not cheap as chips, but certainly at the lower end of the spectrum. These chisels are great, I ended up getting several individual sizes to get me going. I find they sharpen really quickly, however they do also seem to lose an edge quickly too. I had hoped they'd keep their edge longer than they do, but for the money I think it's a good deal - that's why I'd still give it a solid 4 stars. And thing I like about these particular chisels is the handles - great in the hand and super comfortable.

  • 5
    Feel great in the hand

    Posted by Mathew on 30th Jun 2017

    Bought several of these chisels ??? they are the first chisels I've ever owned ??? and they're really nice in the hand, and a good weight. They sharpen nicely and seem to hold an edge, at least thus far. I definitely plan to buy more, as I think for the money, they are top notch.

  • 5
    Excellent chisel

    Posted by Ben norton on 2nd May 2015

    Excellent for the money - nicely made and hold a very good edge. Recommended!

  • 5
    I bought a few of these as a second set

    Posted by Guest on 12th Mar 2015

    I wanted a small set of chisels that I could keep in the van away from the monkeys for when I needed a sharp chisel on site. They flattened quite easily and I have to say I think they're great, as good as my Ashley Isles that I keep in the workshop and the handle is more comfortable Great value too.