Morrisons Pigeon Brand Set of 11 Jennings Augers AG088

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J.E. Morrison have been making augers in Sheffield since the 1850's, a lot of their bread and butter work was contracts for the military and the railways, but they also made for retail directly to the public under their 'Pigeon' brand. The firm and its factory along with the addition of some of the staff from Ridgway eventually went on to become Clico (Sheffield) who contiued much of the government and railway work alongside precision tooling for the aerospace industry.

This particular set of Pigeons have been very gently used and still have plenty of life left in them. 1/4" to 3/4" by sixteenths, then to an inch by eighths, 11 bits in total.

Supplied in one of our auger bit tool rolls with a double-ended auger file.

These auger bits are pre-owned and not covered by our Lifetime Warranty - please see Terms and Conditions.