Joseph Marples Satinwood Marking Gauge Half Round

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Marples Limited Edition Satinwood Marking Gauge, Half Round, Plain Head

This limited edition series of tools have been kindly made for us by Joseph Marples in Sheffield. They are made of satinwood, a hard and precious timber from the Indian subcontinent with a deep golden colour and chatoyant figure.

A straightforward single pin marking gauge crafted from beautiful and hard wearing Sri Lankan satinwood with solid brass locking screw.

English marking gauges are used with the stock and the corner of the stem both in contact with the workpiece, the top of the gauge is rolled towards you as you push the gauge away, insinuating the pin or cutter onto the surface and carefully placing your mark.

Traditionally the faces and stems of half round marking gauges are left unfinished, but in order to bring out the figure of the satinwood these have been given a single coat of Skelton Saws Peacock oil.

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