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Marples Boxed set of Trial 1 Tools in Rosewood

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This beautiful selection of Marples best quality Rosewood tools presented in a lovely box makes for a perfect present.

The Marple Trial 1 range is based on designs first manufatures over 70 years ago and are of timeless quailty. 

Both the Mitre and Try Squares have 1/8th inch thick machined brass on both the inside and outside faces for accuracy, which is certified and gauranteed to be well within the required BS3322 standard. The blued spring steel blades, are fixed to the rosewood stock with steel rivets surrrounded by brass diamond washers.

The Screwslide Mortise Marking gauge also has a full 1/8th inch thick brass face. A brass knurled thumbscrew locks the stem to the the stock which protected by a brass pressure pad. The locking screw is set within a traditional brass protective shield. Fine adjustment of the mortse pins is achieved by means of a screw slide and, finally a  single marking gauge pin located on he back of the stem.

Presentation Box contains:

  • 9" Brass Faced Try Square
  • 10" Double Brass Faced Mitre Square
  • Full Brass Faced Mortise Gauge
  • Brass Faced Sliding Bevel
  • Marking Knife



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Marples Boxed set of Trial 1 Tools in Rosewood