Marples 180th year Anniversary Limited Edition Joiners Set

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Founded in the year of Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert and run by successive sons of the same family ever since, Joseph Marples Ltd celebrate 180 continuous years of Sheffield toolmaking with this magnificent limited edition numbered boxed set of joiners tools.

The company may only be 180 years old, but by the time it was formed the family had already been making joiners tools for nearly 100 years, spanning almost the entire Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian and now Elizabethan eras.

Limited to 100 individually numbered sets, the tools are made from selected santos rosewood, solid brass and blued steel.

The set is presented in a hinged wooden box (also made in Sheffield) and includes:

  • Brass faced screw stem combination gauge
  • 9" double brass faced try square
  • 10" double brass faced mitre square
  • Brass bound adjustable bevel
  • Single bevelled marking knife