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Rickerby Tools Wenge and Curly Maple Winding Sticks - Pair

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Rickerby Tools Wenge and Curly Maple Winding Sticks - Pair


Winding sticks are a traditional workshop aid used for inspecting a board for wind (twist) in its length.

The two sticks are placed across the width of the board at either end with the inlaid sides facing each other. You sight along from one end, positioning your head so that the far stick peeps over the near one. If one end appears before the other, the board is twisted and requres some remedial planing, leaving the low corners untouched. The length of the sticks magnifies any twist or wind that is present, making it easy to observe even very tiny amounts of twist which although not immediately obvious when preparing stock, could potentially cause problems further down the line.

Handmade in Peterborough from loft matured wenge and curly maple, these beautifully crafted winding sticks are match planed in pairs and ready for use. 

Customer Reviews

Written by: Tony
Very well made and do the job.
Good quality, hand-made winding sticks. 18" in length x 1 1/2" high. One of those indispensable tools I never got around to making a decent pair of for one reason or another. Or, the ones I knock up from scrap invariably end up getting used for something else. They feel good in the hand and look good on the shelf. A welcome addition to the workshop.
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