Kinari Nomi Japanese Paring Chisels Boxed Set of 5

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Kinari Nomi Japanese Paring Chisels Boxed Set of 5


Our Japanese kinari nomi laminated paring chisels are made by younger smiths and apprentices. Some are marked, others are not, depending on seniority of the apprentice, but all have passed individual inspection by the master blacksmith. They are then fitted with good quality selected white oak handles and sold under a generic brand. The objective is to make, perfectly, over and over again, hence you get really good chisels at a really good price.

The backs are hollowed out to make them easy to prepare, which is a blessing given how hard the steel in the hagane layer is. Even with good technique, I'd still recommend using a consistently flat surface like a diamond stone or glass plate for the initial hollowing and flattening process rather than coarse waterstones.

The single bevel angle is a low 27 degrees to minimise resistance in the cut.

  • Overall length: Approx 350mm / 13-1/2in
  • Blade Length: Approx 90mm / 3-1/2in
  • Sizes: 10 / 18 / 24 / 30 and 42mm
  • Supplied in a fitted Kiri wood box


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Very sharp steel
I've always used standard chisels until I finally got to buy these. It takes a bit of time on the water stones to get them sharp but once that's done, boy are they sharp! The handles are a tad rough but the extra length really helps & gives you more control. I would definately recommed this set.
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