Kamo Octagon Beauty Nakiri Knife 165mm

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Shiro Kamo Octagon Beauty Nakiri Knife 165mm

The Nakiri is one of the few traditional Japanese knives to have a double bevel. The thin blade is designed to produce a straight cut through dense vegetables without veering off line as a single bevelled blade would.

Hand forged and ground stainless suminagashi (damascus) blade with Takefu SG2 core layer. Pakka wood handle with copper brass and stainless steel mosaic pin.

Mr Shiro Kamo

Care instructions:
This knife is not dishwasher safe, however unlike carbon blades that must be washed, dried and oiled immediately, this one can be washed up as normal, submerged briefly and left to drip dry.

Sharpen carefully with waterstones, lapping film, ceramic stones or ceramic rods. Please do not use a hardened western sharpening steel - these work well on soft knives but not on very hard ones like this.

This is not a cleaver, Nakiri are designed for slicing and precise chopping with the tip of the knife remaining on the board. By all means apply a little pressure to the back of the blade if neccessary.


  • Blade length 165mm
  • Overall length 310mm
  • Blade depth 48mm
  • Spine thickness 2.4mm

Core Steel Composition:
C 1.25-1.45
Cr 14 - 16
Mo 2.3 - 3.3
V 1.8 - 2.2
Mn 0.4
Si 0.5
P 0.03
S 0.03


I mentioned to a good friend and supplier in Japan that I was looking for a really good range of kitchen knives. I wasn't too worried about price, but wanted to allow the maker free reign to use what they considered to be the best materials and processes available and design a range of knives specifically for the preparation of western cuisine. This is the range that he came up with.

The core steel is Takefu SG2, a stainless micro-carbide powder metallurgy steel developed specifically for thin edges at up to RC64. The core is sandwiched between two stainless suminagashi cheeks, hand forged and ground to shape by hand.

The handles are made from resin impregnated pakkawood in a traditional Japanese octagonal shape, but somewhat larger to suit the larger hands of western users and finished with a mosaic pin. Pakkawood is durable and water resistant so they will keep their looks for a long time.

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