Japanese Gardening Saw Set

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Japanese Green Wood Saw Set


A set of Japanese saws optimised for slicing through wet wood, cleanly and efficiently.  Whether its felling, pollarding, coppicing or pruning, these beauties with do tackle the task with ease.

The Japanese Temagari is the traditional equivalent of a small chainsaw, designed for felling small trees and cutting them up. The pitch, tooth geometry and ergonomics have all been developed to excel at one task - crosscutting green wood. This is a really nice saw, please don’t forget to oil the blade before you put it away.

The Gyokucho Arame is a high performance folding japanese pruning saw. Its razor sharp progressive teeth slice through the wood quickly and exceptionally cleanly, without crushing or bruising the adjacent timber which would otherwise render the tree more vulnerable to infection. It also cuts dry wood like a dream, so if you are looking for a nicely proportioned folding saw for the toolbox, car boot, or something to pop in your backpack for camping and bushcraft, this is a perfect choice!

The Gyokucho Issun Boshi (lovely name) is a wonderfully useful compact retractable saw that can be carried in the pocket or toolbox. The blade slides out of the handle and is locked in place by a thumbwheel at the side. The fine, smooth cutting blades are replaceable, but like all Gyokucho saw blades, with appropriate care should last for years.

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Written by: @atattoo_dk
Super Nice tools All 3 I love Them.
So happy for the tool set. Love Them
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