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Iwasaki Carving File Half Round IW-8CPHREF Extra Fine

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Iwasaki Carving File Half Round Extra Fine IW-8CPHREF


An extremely fine and delicate halfround with milled and chemically polished teeth (denoted by CP in the product number). 

Please note: Iwasaki halfround files are toothed on the convex face only.

Width: 10mm

Cutting length: 110mm

Chemically polished teeth.

Cuts on the push stroke.

Customer Reviews

Written by: Nick
Very useful indeed...
These files feel somewhere between a rasp and file. Used against the wood grain results are similar to a reasonably fine rasp; with the grain the surface finish is superb and the cut very smooth. Light pressure produces a fine cut; increasing pressure brings quicker material removal even with these extra-fine models. The safe edges mean you can use these tools against an edge without marking.

Great for final shaping guitar headstocks and heels. Very impressed and the usual top quality customer service from Workshop Heaven.
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