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Holtey 98 Panel Plane

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The No.98 was the first plane that Karl Holtey designed completely from scratch, stripping the best ideas from infill plane construction, some concepts from history that had previously been almost entirely disregarded he combinined them into an elegantly simple design masterpiece. This plane is the sire in the bloodline of all modern low angle jack planes and bevel up smoothers.

The construction is stainless steel, with the sides invisibly screwed to the sole. The blade sits upside down, as it would in a mitre plane, with a short angled bed supporting the blade very close to the edge. Further back stands a post, through which the Norris inspired adjuster passes provides further support, effectively creating a self-stabilising tricycle arrangement.

Rather than being captive, the lever cap sits over the top of two steel pegs, so it can be lifted clear of the body allowing proper access to the blade and adjuster mechanism. The handles are removable and set away from the body on spacers, ensuring that the wood cannot have any influence on the carefully heat treated metal components.

This example is in mint condition, it has never been honed or used. It has been very gently cleaned (no abrasives) and protected with VanGuard corrosion inhibiting oil on the metal surfaces and Alfie Shine on the wooden infill.

Length 14-1/2"
Bade Width 2-1/8
Width 2-5/8"

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Holtey 98 Panel Plane